Top 5 Lies by Greedy Motors

GM Canada continues to build where it sells

Nonsense. GM plans to throw thousands out of work in Canada, cutting production here, while continuing expansion in Mexico, where they build three and-a-half times more vehicles than they sell there. It will soon be closer to five to one.

GM “fully committed to Canada”

Putting 24 thousand Canadians out of work by closing the Oshawa assembly plant while expanding production in Mexico, where human and labour rights are lacking is not “fully” committing to Canada. GM is even refusing to honour its own written commitment to workers not to close any plants during the lifetime of the current collective agreement.

GM has paid back bailout 10 times

Investing in your record profit making business is not the same as paying back Canadian taxpayers who bailed out GM with nearly $11 billion when the automaker was facing bankruptcy. Nice try!

Boycott of Mexican-made GM vehicles will hurt parts suppliers.

Canada already has a $14 billion dollar job killing auto trade deficit with Mexico. Canada’s auto parts suppliers only send about 3% of their products to Mexico. Closing Oshawa will destroy far more auto parts jobs than are ever supported by production in Mexico.

“Market shift” is why Oshawa must close

The fact that the vehicle market has been shifting from cars to SUV’s and pickups for last two decades is no surprise. GM is pretending to react to the market while it deliberately chooses to build its high-selling models in Mexico.